Benefits Of Investing With Godrej Aqua- Upcoming Project By Godrej Properties At Hosahalli

Why you should invest in Bangalore Real Estate?

Property investments are considered to be the most coveted and profitable out of all the investments. Bangalore, over the years, has provided impeccable opportunities as far as real estate investments and high-paying job prospects are concerned. Godrej Aqua, which is an upcoming project by the famed Godrej properties is located to precision at Hosahalli in Bangalore. The project offers 2 and 3 BHK residential apartments that are spread across 7+ acres so residents at the site can make the most of the space and resources provided. Hosahalli, which is close to the Bangalore International Airport has a lot to offer in terms or connectivity and proximity to the rest of the city. The increase in land appreciation had paved the way for rising in social infrastructure development. There are renowned schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity so residents can be sure to provide the best for their children in regards to education and top-notch healthcare. The inclusion of real estate governing bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes is rising significantly. Property developers are now forced to amend their marketing strategies to cater to high demands created by the market which would help them release the stocked-up inventory. Godrej Aqua is close to Hebbal which is close to prestigious IT tech parks like the Manyata tech parks that houses close to 30% of Bangalore’s IT crowd. IT professionals can now consider investing early to make the most of an alternate source of income for a secured future. In order to help customers arrive at profitable investment decisions, residents are welcomed at the site to physically experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before negotiating on price variables.

Godrej Aqua Bangalore

Eco-friendly features for a formidable living experience

What is amazing about this project is that it has employed water management practices to use and recycle renewable resources. Sustainable water management and conservation systems along with 100% rainwater harvesting facilities ensure uninterrupted supply of water straight from the tap. Rest assured residents who are willing to partner with Godrej Aqua are certain to contribute to the overall eco-system.

Infrastructure designs involving creative floor plan specifications

How does one arrive at a decision regarding the space that would be sufficient for the entire family? As a first-time property aspirant, residents are often confused on what to focus on. To avoid such uncertainties, residents should consider consulting with professional property advisers to get in-depth knowledge about the market which would help them decide on different aspects that contribute to effective purchase decisions. It is an added advantage if customers come to the site with a pre-determined floor plan design so that when they are at the site, they would find it easier to compare between alternate designs offered. Godrej Aqua Airport road offers 2 and 3 BHK residential units that are spread across 7 acres of land. With 540 units up for grabs, residents are provided with wide-range of alternatives to choose from. The 2 BHK units spans over 1050 sq.ft- 1200 sq.ft while the 3 BHK compact and regular units are spread over 1400 sq.ft- 1800 sq.ft respectively. Residents who are at the site can avail the benefit of consulting with architects and engineers that would help them decide better.

Godrej Aqua

Recycling renewable resources- Way to pristine living conditions

More than looking for property investment opportunities, it is crucial that we make the most of the renewable resources. With climate change and other conditions, it becomes twice as important to save and conserve the eco-system. Godrej Aqua has worked tirelessly to devise strategies to provide an uninterrupted supply of water to in-house residents. With sustainable water conservation and management systems along with 100% rainwater harvesting practices, residents can incorporate eco-friendly ways of living and lead an ecological lifestyle. Residents who are at the site for property inspection can experience these features and know how the water is purified using advanced cutting-edge technology which can immensely impact their investment decisions.

In conclusion, residents who are willing to work or partner with Godrej Aqua are certain to make the most of the climatic conditions that would help them lead a prestigious lifestyle.

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What is New About Godrej New Launch Project Called Godrej Aqua

How To Verify RERA Registration Status Of Real Estate Project?

Planning to invest in the new property Godrej Aqua?

A luxury residential apartment that redefines the concept of affordable homes in Hosahalli, Bangalore. Though Godrej Aqua is the baby of a reliable and well-known brand, still it is always good to cross- check the registration of the property with the RERA. Perhaps there can be cases where a few builders do not comply with RERA norms because their application might have rejected or some other reason but might give false claim to have complied with rules.

Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua

So, how to check the RERA registration of the property you plan to invest in?

As you must know though RERA is articulated by the Center, it is a subject of states. Therefore, First, you have to identify the RERA Portal of your State. Suppose you live in Bangalore, so you have to visit the page of RERA Karnataka. Then you will find a link of Approved Projects clicking on which will take you to another page.

On the new page you will see the number of processed till date and four tabs namely; Application Under Process, Application Under Query, Application Approved and Application Rejected.

Start checking from the 1st tab application under process and move to next. Under the Tab, Application Approved you will find the project details and the certificate. But before checking you have to create the Login Id and Password to download the details. We suggest you download the project details so that it is easy for you to cross check with the details provided by the builders.

Check for the Information like validity Date of RERA certificate, residential apartment specifications, the flats you have selected in the project, everything mentioned in the Builders projects details is matching with the Application Approved report not. Immediately raise an issue if you find any deviation in the duo and if the builder fails to heed you escalate the issue with RERA.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore

Important Point to Check Before Giving Money.

Important things to check before parking your hard-earned money in any project.
Detail of the Encumbrance: Check for the details of encumbrance or disputes associated with the land like title, Interest, Name of any party over such land etc. Land should be free from all disputes otherwise it would be you who have to face the consequence.
Escrow Account: RERA says that each builder has to maintain a separate account with the scheduled bank. In this account, they have to deposit 70% of the amount realized from the investors of the projects from time to time. The amount is deposited is used to cover the cost of construction and other charges related to the construction of the project. That means the money collected by the developer is used for the completion of the same project. Builders having Escrow Account ensures that they are willing to complete and deliver the project on time.


Legal Title: Your builder should have the legal title of the land on which the construction of the project is proposed. Or else, if the land belongs to some other person, the developer must have legal documents of the land with authentication of the tittle. RERA has removed the old practice, where some person would sell to home buyers without having the legal title of the land.

Lastly, Possession Date: RERA has made it mandatory for the builders to transfer the possession of the property on the date it is mentioned to do so. And, if there are any changes then the developers have to prepare for it immediately. Therefore, check for the time period within which the builder has promised to give the possession.

At the least, do not just blindly rely on the claims given by your builders. Even if you are buying a home in Godrej Aqua by a reputed and trustworthy brand Godrej, cross check the RERA Registration status before you jump into buying.

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Why North Bangalore Is A Good Choice For Urbane Living?

North Bangalore A Good Choice For Urbane Living

Since the past decade, the ever-increasing growth and development of Bangalore are attributed to the booming IT sector of the city. It has long-drawn-out in all the directions and has expanded up till now to areas that were considered civilized 20 years ago.

Within all this, Northern Bangalore has seen a really good development since the time the new international airport is constructed in Devanahalli. The emergence of Airport has made Northern part of the city the first touch point for all those who drive from the airport, thus, catching more eyeballs from potential buyers and investors.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore

Delimiting the concept of inexpensive but expansive homes the luxurious Godrej Aqua residential apartments are stationed at Hosahalli, Bangalore that is really close to Devanahalli. With IT parks, entertainment hubs and Malls in close proximity, this stretch is the recklessly growing in Bangalore.

Bearing this in mind we have curated some good reasons as to why apartments in North Bangalore are the most desirable in the city.

  1. Location matter the most: Located in the hot spot North Bangalore is akin to most of the hubs of the city. The international airport is just a kilometre drive with Manyata tech park and other giant IT parks in neighbourhood. The gamut of entertainment hubs, hospitals and health centres are also in the vicinity. Various world-class International schools are coming up in this locality making it ideal and dignified for fast-tracked growth.
  2. Perfect Ecological Balance: North Bangalore homes many flora and fauna giving best living in the lap of nature. It witnesses about 25 picturesque lakes like Thanisandra lake, Putenahalli lake, Hebbal lake. This relieves the natives who are chocked for good air and also provide much-needed water to the city. Bangalore Development Authority is also coming up with plans to conserve these water bodies, Thus, northern Bangalore is controlled to maintain its ecological balance in the long run.
  3. Ease of Accessibility: The area is accessible from most parts of the city due to the handiness of good roads. The outer ring road run across North Bangalore connecting it to the major corners of the city. One can breeze its way from Thanisandra to the Silk board in just about 30 minutes and to the MG road in 45 minutes. For weekend getaways, the peripheral ring road would shorten the travel time to the celebrated towns like Hosur, Tumkur and Mysore. To plan travel without hassle the railway stations like Banaswadi and Krishnarajapuram are just 10-kilometres away.
  4. The Price Advantage: Prices of properties in northern Bangalore are comparatively less when equated to other areas. But the speed at which the area is developing this trend may not last for long. Because from last year only the prices of apartments in the Northern part of the city has seen an increase of about 40%.

Seeing the fluctuations in the realty market, this is the best time to invest in Godrej Aqua Apartments. Buying a residential property in Bangalore is a worthy move. Go ahead and give your money for a dream house in Godrej Aqua residential apartment without a second thought.

Need Of An Hour In Real Estate India – What Is It?

Real estate is indeed a booming sector in Indian economy. With projects like Godrej Aqua defining the standard of living at an affordable cost and setting new standards, real estate is now something more than just buying a home. However with the growth of the sector, it is essential to regulate the sector.

Godrej Aqua

Streamlining Foreign Investment An Indian Real Estate Industry

The Indian government unabashedly charms the Indian diaspora to put resources into different divisions in India and is thinking about facilitating standards further. However, the administration makes Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) pay some dues with regards to investment in land. At long last, there is some expectation. According to the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), the business body has introduced an arrangement of proposals to the administration, asking for it to ease regulations in the real estate sector. While, NRIs can invest just inland, Naredco is pushing for them to be permitted into land advancements and huge scale business properties too.

Such an unwinding would help create liquidity in the real estate segment, which is seeing a droop and deferred conveyance by virtue of curbed customer assumption, high obligation and moderate development. There is now an abnormal state of stock heaped up as well.

Real Estate Investment – Restrictions Implied On The NRIs

  1. Section 6(5) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) grants people persons resident outside India to hold, claim, move or put resources into any immovable property arranged in India, assuming such property was procured, held or possessed by such individual when he was occupant in India or acquired from a man who was occupant in India.
  2. A man who is inhabitant outside India (or his successor) has been allowed to repatriate the returns of offer of ardent property in India just where the accompanying conditions have been fulfilled:                                                                  (a) The property was either claimed by him when he was an occupant of India or                     he has acquired it from an inhabitant of India

(b) Prior consent of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been acquired.

3. The appropriate directions under FEMA limits outside nationals from securing                     any immovable property and particular consent is required from RBI for the                       same, with the exception of:

  • Where the outside nationals have acquired property from a man who was an inhabitant in India.
  • Where the outside nationals have rented an undaunted property for a period not surpassing five years.
  • When an outside national turns into an inhabitant in India according to                          Section 2(v) of FEMA. Such a foreign national is additionally required to fulfill the conditions with respect to time of stay, and the kind of visa allowed ought to unmistakably demonstrate the aim to remain in India for an unverifiable period to decide his private status.
  1. Foreign nationals require the particular endorsement of RBI for exchanging any immovable property in India and are permitted to exchange just when the ardent property is either:
  • Acquired by a method for legacy and with a particular endorsement from RBI; or
  • Was obtained with the particular endorsement from RBI
  1. Residents of ‘Restricted Countries’ such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and such are not permitted to get or move immovable property in India without the earlier authorization of the RBI.

A Ray Of Hope

Indian developers have begun understanding the speculation capability of NRIs and are currently displaying their property portfolios at presentations abroad and at the same time requesting an unwinding in arrangements. Specialists trust that specific adaptability in connection to procurement and exchange of immovable property by NRIs is required.


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A Jewel In The South India Godrej Aqua.

Upcoming Real Estate Residential Project In Bangalore

It is an aspiration of various IT master and new organizations to move to Bangalore and start their own special business. In view of the tremendous advancement of the economy and setting up of various multi-national associations the land advertise is developing quickly. Living in enormous urban areas a period in our lives come when we get depleted by paying month to month rents of pads we stay in, it is that moment a considerable lot of us bob into the request of our home. The designer has seen each scope of undertaking area and they are happy with the region and condition of task area. This reason Godrej designer has propelled this flat in 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK arrangement in Bangalore city. In the event that you are looking for your fantasy home property in the south district of the nation then Bangalore will be the best city for you that is additionally the capital of Karnataka. You can choose the flat on your decision in moderate cost and highlights in Godrej Aqua up and coming task in Bangalore. Godrej Aqua has some genuine green cover and upkeep which has profited from it in general. The property is at present under development and will be finished in coming a long time with every one of the insides being produced with a condition of workmanship models.

Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua

Godrej Aqua Residential Project Bangalore.

We are dependable in the situation of choosing the ideal selection of condos. It is never an awful choice to leave a safe place for something important than our necessity. Be that as it may, it is would be rational to pick the level size and number of rooms according to our prerequisites.

For the greater part of the youthful couples and unhitched males who are on the financial plan and need to spare something for their future, 1 BHK is dependably a decent decision. Distinction Godrej Aqua has a portion of the best luxuries in the Godrej Aqua are vital like club house, recreation center, multipurpose games court, fitness area, indoor diversions, open space plant, 24*7 power reinforcement and substantially more.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore

Godrej Aqua Is Located At

Renowned Godrej Aqua is situated in Billamaranahalli, Karnataka 562157 also near to Hosahalli Bangalore which gives consistent network to huge numbers of the businesses and workplaces no sweat just at a driving separation from the property itself. The major turnpike and Primary Street are basically partitioned to the endeavor. You can go inside time by the use of interstate. The market isn’t a long way from the home property, only five minutes’ drive is adequate to reach.

Rental Income From Residential or Commercial Property?

Choose the Investment with Good Returns

Before making any investment it is quite obvious for the buyers to think about the returns in the future and the value of land appreciation along with market value. It is always better to invest in the residential sector since the rentals on housing is high compared to commercial property.

Commercial properties are valued on the type of commercial establishment that will come up and the income generated from that. Sales and income that will be generated by the commercial property decide the rental of that commercial property. Rental income goes up every year as the property’s value increases in residential property. Commercial incomes are stagnant. Rental on residential property also depends on the location and worth of the property.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore | Real Estate Project In Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore | Real Estate Project In Bangalore

Residential income in the well-developed area of Bangalore

The area is entitled to be well-developed only if it is advanced in infrastructure and civic amenities. The connectivity to various locations of the city should be excellent for choosing the area. Properties developed by the reputed builders in the prime locations are of demand. Rentals from these properties are high comparatively from other less developed areas. Residential property like Godrej Aqua located in the well-developed location of the Hosahalli creates high rentals according to the demand of the location. Since Godrej Aqua Project is located in the prime IT hub of Bangalore in the Hosahalli, it is the desired location of the people working in the IT space in the Hosahalli. Hosahalli is surrounded by schools, colleges, It companies, hospitals, banks, ATMs, eateries, shops and more. Hence the rental income on the Residential property like Godrej Aqua shall also be high.

More About The Property Godrej Aqua Upcoming Project

Godrej Aqua property features 1 Bhk, 2 Bhk and 3 Bhk configuration units with different carpet size. Godrej Aqua includes world-class amenities for the richness of living. This residential apartment is a well-planned property in Hosahalli, Bangalore. Godrej Aqua apartment units are built as per Vaastu to bring in the positive vibes to your living. Since the property is deliberately located in the prestigious IT corridor of the city, the demand of the housing in the area is always in the peak.

Godrej Aqua | Location, Floor Plan And Amenities
Godrej Aqua | Location, Floor Plan And Amenities

Godrej Aqua includes various amenities like Landscaped gardens that are created on the premises to bring in the tranquillity for the living. This apartment incorporates a state-of-art Clubhouse to offer maximum entertainment to the residents with utmost facilities. This real estate project includes a well-equipped Gymnasium, badminton court and Health facilities are extended for the residents of Godrej Aqua property for a healthy living. Indoor games are set up in the project to spend your sports time efficiently. Godrej Aqua features 24/7 security by security guards along with CCTV Surveillance for the entire property is maintained for the maximum safety of the residents. Covered car parking spaces are provided for each unit for hassle and congestion free parking. Exhaust fan provision is made for the kitchen, lifts and elevators. This property incorporates round the clock DG Backup and water supply facilities for the entire property.

Invest in Godrej Aqua Residential Apartment and have a high rental income for the lifetime!!!


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Spectacular living in the wonderful location of Bangalore

Tune living desire with your life by investing in the housing project that brightens up your future for a lifetime. Make a worthy housing asset and turn it into a profitable investment Godrej Aqua, Hosahalli, Billamaranahalli, Bangalore. Godrej Aqua is about to be launched property that is constructed as per the RERA norms and regulations. The impressive grand abodes of Godrej Aqua is designed by the prestigious builder the Godrej Properties. The interiors of Godrej Aqua Hosahalli apartment consists of intricately designed foyers to add a great appeal to the project to surprise your guests / visitors.

Vitrified tile flooring is done for the units of Living, Dining and Foyer for the safety and comfort. The units of Godrej aqua features wide windows for the maximum light and fresh air and is designed as per Vaastu. Godrej Aqua property is an RCC framed structure set amidst the landscaped gardens for the serene and tranquil living environment of the residents.

Godrej Aqua Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Bangalore

The Blissful Paradise on Earth – The Godrej Aqua

Hosahalliis a fast developed location of Bangalore North in-terms of infrastructure, connectivity, conveyance and many more. Bangalore north is a choice of investments to the home buyers having their workspace in the parts of Nagawara, KR Puram, Hebbal, Whitefield, and many more places of the city since it cuts the travelling time of the commutators. Godrej Aqua is an ideal residential property to invest in for the spectacular stay surrounded by the renown schools, IT companies, colleges, Banks, ATMs, recreational hub, fun zones,malls and more. Gayatri Veda Pathashala and Kempegowda International Airport are just a few minutes drive from the property.

The area is surrounded by ancient temples like Durgamma temple, Lord Chennakesava temple, Mallikarjuna Swamy and Shri Rama mandiram for your religious call.

What else you need for the rich life?

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore property features many amenities like

  • A swimming pool
  • Jogging Track
  • Gymnasium
  • World-class Clubhouse
  • Dedicated Kids Play Area
  • Tennis court
  • Playarea
  • Yoga Deck,
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Common Room

Godrej Aqua project has provision for round the clock power backup facility to help in emergency situations. Godrej Aqua Billamaranahallipremises is guarded round the clock by manned security guards and is also continuously monitored under CCTV surveillance for the enhanced safety of the inmates. “rainwater harvesting technology” is incorporated in Godrej Aqua apartment to help the society in saving water. Provision for Piped Gas Connection along with Granite countertop with stainless steel single bowl sink is made in the kitchen for the safer and happier cooking.

Make an investment today in Godrej Aqua Hosahalli and have a happy life.